Back Pain: Why Physical Therapy Might be the Relief You Need

Low back pain can put a stop to many activities in daily life. Simple things like cleaning the kitchen sink or reaching high up on a shelf to grab a dish can become an excruciating task when immense pain flares in your lower back. Medicine only helps the problem temporarily and can be dangerous especially when a normal over the counter pain pill no longer does what it is supposed to do. Many people of various ages and body types are affected by chronic low back pain and physical therapy could be the perfect solution without costing an arm and a leg.

JC Physical Therapy located in Macomb County and Oakland County Area, offers a broad assortment of treatments provided by licensed professionals who truly base their therapy suggestions of the patients wants and needs, individual pain levels and experiences, and what the patient is most comfortable doing. One of the least invasive treatments JC physical therapy offers is their high-tech infrared sauna. Saunas are proven to help the body release toxins in a natural, relaxing environment aimed at detoxifying the bod as well as aiding in pain relief. Spend a session unwinding in a private sauna detoxifying your body naturally and simultaneously soothe lower back aches and pains.

While sore muscles are a common ailment for a number of reasons pain caused by auto injuries can leave long-lasting and continuous pain months after the initial injury. Pain in the lower back, pelvic floor, spinal dysfunction, and general auto injuries can be helped with visceral manipulation. This hands on approach targets back centered pain and aims to help your body release any discomfort lodged in problematic areas. Think of a deep massage specifically designed to focus on the biggest, most painful spots along your spine. Visceral manipulation pinpoints where your body is having trouble liberating pain inducing knots or swelling and slowly, methodically helps the body release tension. The technique also improves joint and soft tissue mobility which play a big part in muscular pain and discomfort.

Chronic back pain, however, cannot always be fixed with one or two sessions. Muscles that suffer constant pain and constriction can become weak from improper use especially if you’re maneuvering in a way to avoid using certain muscles due to pain. This cycle of pain and misuse will continue to deteriorate already sensitive muscles and it can be hard to find solutions on your own. If you’re looking for a long-term result the JC group offers a multitude of options to ease chronic lower back pain therapy.

Having a licences professional guide you through proper exercises can help break the painful cycle by giving you the proper tools and information centered around your specific pain, pain triggers, and type of life you lead in regards to physical activity. By combing stretches to alleviate ache and exercises to re-strengthen poorly used and abused muscles the professionals at the JC group can lead you back to a life without chronic lower back pain. This approach is individualized, extensive, and is a solution for the long-term rather than mitigating the problem area for a few months only to have it return.

Another common cause of back pain is improper lifting, bending, and sitting. Yes, sitting. Your spine is not meant to curve in certain directions for a long period of time. Those who spend hours on a chair in an office know all to well how certain positions can lead to a sore back for an hour or two. Spending months or years improperly lifting heavy objects or bending down to grab something heavy can cause lasting damage. The JC group will demonstrate and teach how to properly perform certain chores both at work and at home in order to help manage and minimize chronic back pain. Learning how to properly lift and bend is life changing for many people who spend years doing manual labor. These practices are transferable to the home as well and can stop lower back pain from getting worse.

Traditionally heating pads are everyone’s go to pain reliever. However, being consistently stuck in one position to ensure the warmth goes where its needed can just add to pain. Besides who wants to be stuck in one position all night or day? The JC group offers heat and ice treatments for an allotted amount of time to relieve pain in joints or muscles. Rather than be cemented to one area you can come in, get your treatment, and feel relief without making a dent in the bed.

If you’re looking for physical therapy in Michigan book an appointment at to see what they can do for you. Nobody should be limited at work or at home due to back pain. Let the professionals at the JC group help you get back to a pain free life.